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About Divine Wellness

Are you ready to transform?

Are you ready to discover what's been preventing you from creating a life for yourself and a YOU that you've never imagined possible until now?
How would you like to receive vision and guidance that lifts you from where you are in this moment to the unique potential that is available to you, so that you can experience life in a way you never have before?
My name is Erin Corddry and I am a Metaphysician Practitioner and Life Transformation Coach.  I offer personal coaching to assist you in your dedication to self discovery through healing, empowerment, and consciousness expansion.  My sessions provide you with new awarenesses which enable energetic shifts as well as potential for physical transformation. 
If you're ready to learn how you can become the greatest version of who you were meant to be, contact me for a session today!





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My Story

Erin Corddry

Hi there, wonderful souls!

I am an intuitive and conscious individual entrusting the universe and living by the guidance of spirit and my inner voice. 
Twenty five years ago, I felt a calling into the healing arts. Something just felt natural to me about nurturing the body and soul. However, life's twists and turns would have it so that I did not heed this call for another 10 years.

(The truth is, I was initially discouraged by a family member whose opinion I gave great importance, as I was very impressionable at that time.

I tried a few other professions and worked in real estate

for many years before I finally opened the door to my destiny as a healer.) 

When I finally did... 

Massage was the gateway to my healing practice and has since been a constant contributor to my work.


I LOVE to help others Transform! 

My personal transformation journey is what has always inspired me to help others. When I discovered I had health issues due to my diet, I learned how to make corrections and better my health.  I intuitively saw the same issues in people from where they stood across the street and desired to help them.  I became a certified holistic nutrition coach and offered this service to my clients in addition to massage. At the same time, I was passionate about physical fitness and dance.  

I enjoyed being in the gym everyday, as well as shaking it* to dance beats- so I became a personal trainer and dance fitness instructor to share this joy with my clients and improve their health in this way as well!

Each specialization was an important facet and contributor to my health and my clients' wellbeing. It was enjoyable for me to help others.

But, there was something on a deeper level that was bothering me. I was unhappy with the way my life looked. The relationships I was in were not serving my greatest good. I was having issues sleeping at night and experienced chronic fatigue.   

(later, I would discover why this was so)


From there, I got into meditation and yoga.  I began to learn about energy. 

I wanted to change the way my life looked to match what I knew to be so on the inside. I knew it would take great courage and a big leap, (many), which I would inevitably make.  

I prayed constantly and asked for Spirit's help to guide me.  This prompted a move to the west coast. 

I didn't know exactly how that would look, since I only knew one person on the west coast and had no work connections lined up, but I felt strongly guided to make this move. My intention was to explode in the dance fitness arena. However, once I made the move to the west coast, some agreements with other parties I had made on the East coast, prior to my move were not honored. This sucked much life force out of me. I didn't have the energy required to inspire physical dance expression. 

(On a deeper level, this was an agreement (the other person's soul and mine) had made prior to our physical experience together, ...unbeknownst to us at the time it was playing out). Part of its purpose was to contribute to my development (and remembrance) of how to lean on Spirit.

When I was in California, I began to practice in meditation by just simply asking where I should be needed.  I would then (seemingly miraculously) receive calls, out of the blue, from the one source I knew on the west coast, to work with clients like Britney Spears, Justin Beiber, Russell Crowe, and many others.  I appreciated that each time I asked source to guide me, I'd receive more and more interesting calls and amazing clients and experiences. Still, nothing was guaranteed and I knew I must constantly practice my trust and faith.     

During this time of my awakening, I was going through one of my "Dark Nights of the Soul".  There were phases of detachment from the things that were once familiar and comfortable. There were phases of void. But, I just kept going.  My spiritual connection enabled me to do this. The more I sought, the more I found. Epiphanies brought great highs. I devoured more books during this time than ever in my life. I became enthralled with metaphysics, cosmology, human consciousness, and energy medicine.

I continue to be an avid seeker of universal truth.


I had always been intuitive and had received many intuitive hits.  My ability to read energy was becoming more reliable.

When family priority lead me back to the east coast, after some time, I decided I wanted to nurture my abilities in this regard, as an intuitive channel.

I attended a Metaphysical school to develop these gifts.  I received so much incredible, transformative, healing in the years I focused on this work for myself. 

People don't really know what this means.

I'm talking about new life- new life- new life 

every time you heal "something" (meaning a situation. a faulty thought or feeling, a relationship, etc)

and/or discover -and develop- a new gift. 

Working with Spirit, I was able to heal myself from a year long, torturous, illness. One that many others struggle with for the rest of their lives, once they experience it, because they seek to find answers outside of the root cause- which is always inside of us in our truth.

Conditions? Illnesses?  The answers are within. 

Yes.  I can help bring light to these as well for you.

 Through the work I have done for myself, I have become the Happiest, most free, version of who I am today!, living a self-loving, self-fulfilled, purpose-driven, joyful and abundant life, 


With the wisdom I have gained through my experiences and specialized training, and practice with Spirit, I am in a position of understanding, from a level of consciousness, which allows me to see how I can help you.  

My true passion is helping people transform.  No one can lead you where they themselves have not been. 


It is with great honor that I am able to offer guidance to you, to help you discover the unique potential that is available to you!


If you have been struggling and desire to learn what's been preventing you from living your most fulfilling life, I invite you for a session with me so you can begin to create a life for yourself that you never imagined possible until now!







Metaphysician Practitioner

Delphi University, Georgia 2020

Dedication to self-discovery and expansion

In-Depth studies of human consciousness, spirituality, metaphysics, cosmology, health and energy medicine

Certified Holistic Health Coach

Institute for Integrative Nutrition, NYC, New York, 2013

Certified Personal Trainer

National Academy of Sports Medicine, Arizona, 2013

Certified Insanity Instructor

Beach Body Fitness, California-Virginia, 2013

Authentic Communicator

Landmark Education:  Landmark Forum, Advanced Course, Access to Power, Power to Create, Virginia 2011-2012

Licensed Massage Therapist

National Massage Therapy Institute, Falls Church, Virginia, 2009

East Carolina University, Greenville, North Carolina, 1996


Empowerment without Fear


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