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About Divine Wellness


Erin Corddry is an Empowerment Coach and Spiritual Wellness Mentor

Is there anything out of balance in your life?

Are you looking to heal from past or current relationships, decisions or challenging situations and step into your power to create a life of peace and love? 


Erin helps navigate, using spiritual psychology and energy tools, as well as holistic nutrition, fitness and bodywork modalities. 

Click HERE for a one-on-one Insight, over the phone, or in person, to help remove self-limiting thoughts and behavior, pinpoint and clarify imbalanced situations, relationships and conditions, develop awareness and self-harmony, raise your consciousness and move forward to elevate your quality of life to its full potential.






Daily demands, societal programming, conditioned thoughts and surrounding energies contribute to imbalances, high stress, anxiety, loss of sleep, and myriad emotions which can affect relationships, including the relationship with oneself and food. 

What if you had the peace, serenity and clarity to see and handle everything with ease living the most fulfilling life imaginable?

I share from personal experience about how I was able to transform myself to become the happiest, most free version, of who I am today.  And, girl, you wouldn't believe some of the things I've done to stand in my power.  But, I am self-fulfilled, self-love perpetuated, peaceful, joyful, and vibrating at an unfuckwithable frequency!


Let's GO!!!  

CLICK HERE to schedule a one-on-one Insight, to increase your awareness and receive tools to help rebalance, unlock your full potential and live joyfully in accordance with YOUR inner truth


Tid Bits

Erin Corddry 

Hi there, wonderful souls!

I am an intuitive and a conscious individual  

 entrusting the universe and living by the guidance of spirit and my inner voice. 
I have always had a passion for the healing arts, but began working with the physical body as a massage therapist just over 12 years ago. It began with intuitive touch, and later developed into an ability to "tap in" to soothe the soul and deliver the energy my clients are open to receiving, through my fingertips. 

I hold a special fascination for metaphysics, which I have studied in-depth and through which I continue to acquire knowledge, as well as human consciousness, cosmology, health, fitness and energy medicine. 


Through these studies, I was able to develop myself, hone my abilities to guide others and transform my life, living by the wisdom and love of our source.


When you operate according to your inner truth, blessings abound.  It would be my pleasure to mentor you along your journey and to help you uncover Your Inner Truth to support you in achieving your fullest potential.






Intuitive Empath

Clairaudient, Claircognizant, Clairsentient


In-Depth studies of Cosmology, Metaphysics, Spirituality, Human Consciousness, Energy Medicine 


Certified Holistic Health Coach, Institute for Integrative Nutrition, NYC, New York, 2013 

Certified Personal Trainer, National Academy of Sports Medicine, Arizona, 2013

Certified Insanity Instructor, Beach Body Fitness,

California-Virginia, 2013

Authentic Communicator

Landmark Education:  Landmark Forum, Advanced Course, Access to Power, Power to Create, Virginia 2011-2012

Licensed Massage Therapist, National Massage Therapy Institute, Falls Church, Virginia, 2009 

East Carolina University, Greenville, North Carolina, 1996



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